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We are a team of passionate designers and developers with the goal to make you shine online. We've got your back when it comes down to making sure everything runs smoothly so that people all over can see what makes you great!  While the world keeps on getting more and more digital, we want to help you be a part of this ever growing conversation with websites and content that release tension off of your shoulders, not add some.

Catalysts of success

Your success = our  goal

Nobody knows your business as well as you. You have a plan and a destination. We at Pitaya, want to help you get there as soon as possible. We are passionate about our clients´ ideas and goals and we focus that energy on creating websites and content that resonate with your clients and the world. We believe that more people should have access to you and your business.

Your success is our goal.

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Partners not clients

We help you grow

We not only want to help you get your website going and start making business through it, we want to help you reach your goals in a holistic way.

That means that we are not looking to sell you each and everyone of our products, our main goal is to help you be successful, and that means that we will work as a team to make that happen.

Let´s talk!

Whether we do real or virtual coffee, we want to get to know you and also we want you to know us. Know who you will be working with on taking your business to the next level. Are you ready?

Rodrigo is the Principal at Pitaya Media where he helps companies deliver exactly what their customers want and helps them achieve their goals faster. He lives with his wife and dogs (Lula and Tejo) in Eugene, Oregon.

About Rodrigo Perez

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