Impact Program

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Our Why

Success is only worth it if we all benefit from it.

At Pitaya we believe that growth and success should be shared. This program is dedicated to the brave ones, those whose dreams expand beyond their current circumstances. Learn what the Impact Program is:

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What is it?

Designed for those ambitious enough to dream beyond their current circumstances.

The impact program is a digital consultation contest. We receive projects and business ideas that low income individuals or teams have and we offer them full support of web design, digital marketing and content creation. We'll take care of the planning and creation of the website and digital marketing strategy, as well as the content creation (services depend on the needs of each project) and the beneficiary will take care of the costs of hosting, domain, ads and other fees that are paid to third parties and are outside the scope of the creation and development done by Pitaya.

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How it works?

Dream, apply, make your dreams come true

Important dates

Current cohort:


Application deadline:


We open the program 2-4 times per year. Here are the steps of the program:


1. Submit your business idea and tell us how would this program help you accomplish your dreams. 


2. You will enter a pool of participants and we will review all the applications.


3. After revision, we´ll select one winner based on the depth of their idea and current efforts to make it come true.


4. We reveal the winner through our social channels and contact them.


5. We get to work on you dream!

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Ready to set your ideas in motion?

Terms and Conditions

Impact Program

Learn more about how to apply, restrictions, times and more.

As an applicant it´s key that you understand what you are applying for, learn more here.

Say Hi!

Whether you are an applicant, a partner company or want to support the Impact Program, send us an email and let us know what´s on your mind. 

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