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5 reasons why you need a website for your restaurant

Just like there is a physical version of your restaurant, nowadays you need to have a virtual one, and a website is just that - it's your online presence. And just like for any business out there, having a website has become mandatory in the food industry too.

If you are thinking about getting a website for your restaurant, food truck, café or any other food service business, here are five reasons to stop doubting and start doing:

Reason #1: Gives you credibility and authenticity

It's important that people can recognize their favorite restaurants they've enjoyed when they're at home or even on the go. This will help ensure that if another person in town wants to try out their restaurant in a different location, he won't be disappointed with the food. If you don't have a website yet, it might be time for you to create one!

A website gives people an identity on the internet. When people search for something to eat, "restaurants near me", "Mexican food near me" vegetarian restaurants in Portland", or any or the other variations of this search, they will hopefully find you and your delicious food online. After they find you, probably on Google Maps, they will want to know more a bout you, maybe see some pictures, read some reviews and also have a look at your menu and prices before taking the decision to go or order from your restaurant.

You, as a business owner or manager, need to make sure that you are not only giving people the information to find you, but you are also doing it in an organized manner. That´s when a website comes in handy. A website can tell you story, share pictures of your food, ambiance and staff and also attract costumers with eye catching design.

Reason #2: It serves as an online marketing tool

Websites are becoming more popular for marketing purposes because they're not only informative but also interactive. A website allows constant communication between you and your customers, which means that any time there is a change in the menu or a special promotion going on, you can let them know right away through a website post. Websites also work well with mobile devices making it easier for consumers to get information about your restaurant while they're dining out or on the go.

Reason #3: It saves time and money

If done right, websites are easy to set up and maintain. It will save you time communicating basic information for your costumers that you might otherwise be answering over the phone, or messages or even email. Information like your location, hours and menu can be uploaded to your website for your costumers to see.

Reason #4: Increases customer convenience

A website has an online menu where customers can order food for takeout or delivery, making their lives easier because they don't have to call you just yet! Some restaurants have started linking their website menus with online food delivery services like Grubhub or DoorDash, even offering a better price than the delivery apps. People also use the website to make reservations at restaurants, request for special birthday meals and more!

Reason #5: It reduces operational costs

When you work with a good local website manager, maintenance can be easy. You can keep your costumers updated with information about your restaurant without hiring additional staff. Posting updates on the website is quick and simple, which means that time is saved in getting information out there. A website also helps reduce marketing expenses because it's primarily free aside from website hosting fees.

A website is your best ally because it keeps on selling and generating traffic even when you are busy.

There are plenty of reasons why you need a website for your restaurant or food service business so make sure you get yourself one today! And for websites and marketing ideas and updates, follow us on Facebook.

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