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How to make your company website more mobile responsive

So you've had enough. It has been 6 months of the year and your company website is not mobile-responsive at all, which makes it very frustrating for your customers to use on their smartphones. But before you take any action, there are many things to consider when in the process of "remaking" a website so that it appears good on a small screen.

1) Just how many users are on smartphones?

In today's world, almost everyone either has a smartphone or soon will have one. You may be thinking about this big "change" but the truth is that in 2015, 50% of all web traffic came from mobile devices and more than half of all searches were from mobile platforms.

2) What is mobile responsive?

A website that is "mobile-responsive" means that it can be accessed on multiple devices and the size of the view will change according to what device you're using. The images, fonts, menu bars, etc., all resize depending on what platform you are viewing your site on. This means that whether you're viewing your site on a small or large screen, it will always look good and be easy to use.

3) What are some benefits of having a mobile responsive website?

A lot of people search for things online using their phones so making sure they can see the information in full detail is very important. If your company does not have a mobile responsive website, customers using their phones will be forced to scroll around and zoom in just to read information. The one benefit that everyone thinks of is that Google now has the option to only show websites that are mobile-friendly on its search engine results page (SERP). So if your site isn't mobile friendly yet, it may be penalized by Google.

4) How do I know if my website is mobile-friendly?

If you're not sure how to check if your site is mobile responsive, there are many websites that offer free tests like You can simply enter your URL and see how it looks on different types of screens.

5) How do I make my site mobile-responsive?

There are many ways to make your website mobile responsive and it depends on how much time you want to put into the process, how good of a current version you have, etc. A lot of businesses hire web developers who specialize in making websites mobile-friendly but this can cost a lot of money. If you already have a website that you're happy with and just want to make it mobile responsive, there are many easy options out there for you.

There are multiple companies out there who provide mobile-responsive services for businesses. One of them is Pitaya Media . Located in Oregon, they focus on user experience (UX) and provide teams that work exclusively on responsive designs. They offer multiple packages that will fit into any business' budget.

With all of this information, you should now be ready to make your company website more mobile-responsive. So take action today!


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